Commercial Fuel Delivery Hometown Heating Connecticut

Commercial Fuels

Commercial Fuels

Delivering On-Road & Off-Road Fuel to Northeastern Connecticut

Hometown Heating is a leader in supplying heating oil and propane to Northeastern CT. We can also help keep your commercial fleet or tanks fueled by delivering ultra-low sulfur on-road and off-road diesel.


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On-Road Diesel Delivery in Northeastern CT

On-Road Diesel

We're able to provide Connecticut commercial fleet managers with ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel. Our close proximity to the fuel terminals, staff coverage, and purchasing power with our suppliers allow us the ability to meet all your fuel needs. We treat our diesel fuel all year long with our additive package, Ultimate D.

Off-Road Diesel Delivery in Northeastern CT

Off-Road Diesel

Our close proximity to fuel terminals provides Hometown Heating with the ability to supply customers throughout Connecticut with ultra-low sulfur off-road diesel. Off-road diesel can be used in farming equipment, construction vehicles and equipment, on-site generators, and other applications that do not travel on the highway or over the road.

Year round diesel protection from Hometown Heating

Ultimate D

We've partnered with Advanced Fuel Solutions to help take the guesswork out of treating individual trucks. Ultimate D Premium Diesel Fuel is delivered and treated at the proper rate for each season's demands. Keeping your fleet protected all year long!

Ocean Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid helps to reduce your fleet's carbon footprint and is required by the EPA for all fleet trucks for 2010 and newer. Through our sister company, Ocean State Oil, we can provide your company with a comprehensive DEF solution through specialized storage tanks, dispensing pumps, reels, control handles, and direct pumping equipment for your entire fleet. We only supply you with DEF in accordance with ISO 2241 standards and our product is certified by the American Petroleum Institute.

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